15 May 2013

After months of feeling like I have lost myself, I am slowly creeping back out of my shell and am calling friends to meet up again.

Maybe it was the shock of leaving all my college friends behind that caused this insistent sadness in me. Maybe it has been a very tough job experience. Maybe it's not talking with Noah the way I would like to. I'm honestly not sure. But changes had to be made and there are still a few in the works.

It's definitely a gradual process.

Currently, there are a few big things on my horizon that are keeping my spirits up:

  • I am seeing one of my best friends significantly more often. Thanks Allison for being a force of good in my life.
  • My best friend, Jake, has been talking and skyping with me more. Noah, Nic, and I plan on taking a road trip to Louisiana in June to visit him.
  • My sister and I are going apartment hunting this weekend in Richmond!
  • Next week is my birthday and the following weekend we're taking a road trip to Virginia Beach to celebrate! Wahoo!!
  • I have new career goals. It looks to be a long, hard road but I am fully prepared to step into the ring.
I have also set a goal to blog at least twice a week. This place always screams of positivity and adventures. I log on and read all the posts about family, weekends, vacations, cooking, and crafting and remind myself that all it takes to create the life I want is putting my foot outside of the door. 

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