Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

31 May 2013

Ok, I may have a thing for female comedians and I'm definitely a sucker for buying their autobiographies. I consider this to be a great thing. I'm still working on branching out from my main genre of "fantasy" and some women are making it easy on me. 

To begin, I first saw Mindy Kaling on the Office like most people but found I couldn't relate to her character, Kelly Kapoor. Flash forward two or three years. One of my girlfriends came over and told me about this hilarious show "The Mindy Project". I had my doubts but after watching three or four episodes I decided that I was definitely hooked. Earlier in 2013, I decided to read her autobiography. 

Mindy has a refreshingly honest attitude towards herself and her expectations from life. Her book didn't stand out as anything too different from the sea of other biographies but I enjoyed learning more about this actress and have a whole new appreciation of her ability to make fun of herself. If you're looking for a nice, easy read that gets you to laugh while learning more about a celebrity you admire then I would recommend it! 

7/10 - Generic, but an enjoyable read.


Cheryl said...

Enjoyed this book, love The Mindy Project!!! She simply makes me laugh out loud.

AUBREY @ Project Lovegood said...

I felt the same way, that it was a bit generic but I did enjoy it overall. :)

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