The South

21 May 2013

I never thought that I grew up in the South considering I have lived most of my life in the very Northern-most tip of Virginia. It never felt Southern to me. Then I moved to Maryland. I found the deciding factor to know whether you truly live in the South or not and it's a very simple test. 

If your local restaurants serve sweet tea, you're in the South. 

Who knew? It's that simple. When you cross over the Virginia-West Virginia border suddenly you can't get sweet tea at your neighborhood Olive Garden. What?! Maryland isn't any better. I don't think I've ever been to a restaurant in Virginia that didn't serve sweet tea. Oh, restaurants around here will serve you iced tea and tell you there's sweetener on the table. But lets be real, that's not the same as that southern sweet tea.

Luckily for the restaurants in Virginia, whenever I go home to visit family and friends I simply must get my sweet tea fixing. 

Anyone else find themselves in a similar predicament? Have you ever traveled/moved and found yourself craving a local food?

(This also happens with my favorite Mexican restaurant which I now live two hours from. Help me!)

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