Weekend Plans & a Road Trip

07 June 2013

This weekend is a big deal guys.  It's Noah's 24th BIRTHDAY and we are driving eighteen ours to see our BEST FRIEND. We haven't seen him since the day after our wedding. I also have an interview before we go for a job that I'm really excited about.

I'm trying to tell myself it will be filled with congratulations, celebrations, cake, and laughter but I have a secret fear that it will be irritability from being on the road so long.

Any tips for how to stay sane on LONG road trips? Thanks!

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Yelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip to visit a friend! I personally love road trips. I get through them with snacks of course, magazines, and my iPad/hotspot/reading blogs when I'm not driving. When it's my turn to drive I love listening to my favorite podcasts (This American Life, RadioLab, The Moth) and some rockin + lively playlists to get me through and singing. Hope this helps and enjoy yourself!

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