Boxes and Change

25 July 2013

Noah and I are packing up different rooms of the apartment this week because we're moving back to our hometown this weekend and early next week. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. 

It's not Maryland's fault, but this year has been the hardest of my life in terms of stress and a lack of a support system. I'm quite ready to get back to Virginia and be near my friends. On that note, we are going to be living with two of our best friends while we're there. Well, Nic is already in the downstairs bedroom and Jake is working on transferring from Louisiana. 

I feel like we're a little unorthodox, but for the time being I couldn't be happier with it. I'm excited to have a closer commute to my job, have family dinners, go to church, and find myself again. This summer has been a good start and life is finally back on track.

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