Louisiana Part II

05 July 2013

While we were down south visiting our friend we made a couple of plans about things we'd like to do. The first was Noah's first choice - visiting an art museum. We stayed for a little over an hour browsing the paintings, sculptures, and famous quotes upon the walls.

Afterwards we headed downtown to the Riverwalk in Shreveport. The Red River rolls between the town and Bossier City. We parked the car and walked through a thick heat to be alongside the river. We took our turn riding a carousel. Did you know that carousels are a lot of fun? At least to me they are... I like picking out what animal to ride, feeling a little like you're flying while listening to happy, bouncy music and feeling just a tad silly with friends. You should try it next chance you get.

After our ride we walked past a few shops. We stopped in at a frozen yogurt stand called the Orange Leaf and picked out our favorite toppings. More than anything I was just grateful to have a little A/C and some time to chat lightly. It felt so strongly reminiscent of college when a froyo place opened up my senior year.

Next we walked past a few shops and went into an arcade. I think we spent two dollars on tokens, just enough to play a first person shooter game and skee ball (my personal favorite arcade game).

All in all, the mood felt cheery (and a bit hot - can moods be hot?). It reminded me of being a kid.

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