Louisiana Part III

09 July 2013

Well, my apologies for being so far behind in posting about life. It's been busy lately, but mostly in a good way. Lots of late night chats with my best friend, making memories with my in-laws, celebrating holidays, and working my new job. It's been good.

I want to cover our trip to Louisiana thoroughly before moving on to the Outer Banks (we leave in FOUR days!). So here we go - Round 3!

What I want to talk about in this post is the pleasantness of the 'mundane'. Not every moment of every day is going to be filled with exploring a new city or browsing museums. One of the best things about our friendship (Noah, Nic, Jake, and me... and a few others in our circle) is that we are so comfortable. Life is easy together, laughter is easy, happiness is easy.

Some days we were feeling pretty lazy and we would hark back to our days at JMU. For nearly a year our Saturday mornings consisted of going out to get McDonalds breakfast and coming home to play boardgames until the early afternoon.

We fell back into our friendship so easily. It's like a day had passed between us.

Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, watching tv, reading, chatting outside, watching Game of Thrones in bed, playing Catan, learning Dominion... it's all familiar. I love that.

Reason to Smile: Lazy days that remind you of what a wonderful life you have. I'm thankful for friends I can relax and be myself around.

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