Halloween Party

05 November 2013

On Friday night I got to see a lot of my closest friends out at the lake house. There were a few decorations up that somehow didn't make it into these pictures... but it was a spooky feel.

We played downstairs for a bit and chatted while admiring one another's costumes. 

These are my lady friends from work! Ashley and Nicole are awesome chicas who bring so much life with them. These girls rock it!

I counted off by threes and groups had to have one person be a mummy while the other two dressed them up with three rolls of toilet paper. 

The aim was to be the fastest done with your mummy (using all three rolls!), but we ended up giving Noah, Ashley, and Chloe's team a first place designation for their beautiful design. 

Clean up was incredibly easy and surprisingly fun.

We also played a game where you had a sticker on your back with the name of a person you might dress up as for Halloween. You had to go around asking yes or no questions and try to figure out who you were. It went off pretty well.

Reason to Smile: We had a great group of people there on Friday and it's a night I want to remember. 

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