Downtown Dog

06 December 2013

We had such nice, balmy weather yesterday that I just had to get Odin on his (new) leash and take him on a walk downtown. We started off at Posh Pets Boutique so that I could get a rigid leash, aka not flexible, for tying Odin up to chair legs downtown. The flexi-leash locks but he can shake it around enough to unlock it so I needed one that couldn't flex. 

As we walked around Odin got many pets from lots of different people. Having a dog invites people in, to say hi, smile, and pet your animal. A little girl even ran up and hugged him as soon as she saw him! I'm glad he's so gentle and sweet. 

Eventually we got around to the Espresso Bar and I tied the leash under a chair leg. I was nervous about leaving him outside while I went in to order, even though it was only for a few minutes, but he did a great job. He laid down and waited...albeit right in the middle of the entrance aisle. 

We had a great day together, he must have been outside for four hours and he was loving it. 

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