Home Projects: Painting the Bedroom Part I

16 December 2013

Okay, I find this to be semi-embarrassing, but since we moved in during the month of August Noah and I have been sleeping in a psychedelic-colored kids room. See, there were two bedrooms upstairs that we could pick between. There's one that connects to the bathroom (sweet right?) and another one that had two closets and was a little bit bigger. We knew one of our friends would be moving in pretty soon so we had to make a choice. Knowing that with our lack of storage in the home we might need more space we chose the larger bedroom. Apparently, the previous tenant had two kids who slept in here and they had ... bright ideas about how to decorate! 

{Don't judge us on the sheer amount of stuff in this picture, I swear it's not this crowded normally!} So, now that we are fully into December, we are getting around to painting. This is one of those projects that you have to commit yourself to. It'll take a bit of time so you don't want to jump into it and be halfway done for forever. Plus you have to figure out sleeping situations and moving furniture and you'll have to crawl into the center of your bed if it takes time overnight.

You can see our situation. EVERY wall is a different color. Pink, green, blue, and orange and they are all the brightest possible versions of those colors. Yet, miraculously it's one of those situations where you get used to it. You don't like it but you realize you don't have enough time to do the job so you just learn to ignore that it's there. 

However, I'm waiting for my job training to happen (that's a whole other story) and I have some time on my hands. Noah helped me tape the ceiling and doors and I have done the first layer of primer. And thank goodness for primer! This is a bear trying to cover these colors. 

I have to cheat and use a step stool while my 6'6 husband is at work. It's quite convenient with the exception that you have to move it for every foot you paint.

I'm very excited to take away these distracting colors. I'm a firm believer that a bedroom should be a haven, a place to relax... and it just doesn't happen for me. I know there are some people (my sister for one) who thinks the bright colors are a lot of fun, and I'm a fan of an accent wall sure, but not four of them. Haha.

Artemis decided should would help and direct the painting process (before we kicked her and Odin out so they wouldn't get all up in our paint).

Here's the primer ready to go. I haven't even cracked open the paint cans yet but I'm itching to get there! It's so satisfying to erase the old and bring in the new. 

So, it's been a productive weekend and I'm pumped to get our bedroom to feel more like our space. It's even more important when you have four people in a townhouse to have a safe, cozy place to go to for some quiet time.

Reason to Smile: Getting a good start on a long overdue project!

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