Pack's Ice Cream

31 March 2013

On Friday night Noah, Nic, and I hit up the local Pack's Ice Cream stand. They give you tons of sprinkles, lots of ice cream combos, and they make a mean rootbeer float. It was our first ice cream of the year with this local joint and it brings back memories of band concerts, catching fireflies, and times with my family. It sure is great to be home!

Mini-Trip to Harrisonburg

30 March 2013

When I laid in bed yesterday ready to fall asleep my cheeks were hurting from smiling so much during the day. I don't remember the last time I had a day like it. Perhaps my wedding? 

After waking up at 5 and packing up weekend clothes and Artemis I headed down to Harrisonburg. Two hours of country music on a gorgeous, sunny morning made for a great mini-trip. I met with a friend for coffee, ate with one of my best friends for lunch, then we met my sister and her fiance for tea. 

Right before I left I picked up a package from my old apartment and stopped in to say hi to my landlord. 

That town has a big chunk of my heart and I felt entirely home there. 

Reason to Smile: I found a part of myself that I was afraid I had lost. 

A Year From Now...

23 March 2013

I read this quote online and it has stuck with me since. I have no clue who first said it, but I find it very motivating. "A year from now you'll give anything to have started today". Don't we all know that feeling? If I had just started working out, eaten right, chased after my dreams, etc. at this time last year then I'd already be __________________ (fill in the blank: fitter, healthier, happier). Well now you can make a change! Future you will be grateful, I promise. Take charge of your life and take steps towards what you hope to achieve.

Finding Home

I have a lot of decisions in front of me and they are more than overwhelming at times. However, taking a trip home to the places I love and to people that care about me are certainly focusing. What is important in the story that is my life? What changes and risks am I willing to make? I'm not sure yet, but I'm glad I have people giving support and encouragement along the way.

Great Falls National Park

12 March 2013

I had a wonderful weekend with my family in Sterling, Virginia exploring the city, eating Mediterranean food, and wandering around a national park. Saturday morning the four of us went to Great Falls National Park, right at the Potomac border between Virginia and Maryland, and walked to different beautiful overlooks. The weather was very accommodating with blue skies and temperatures in the sixties. The water rushing over the rocks set the perfect scene to enjoy some quality time with those closest to me.

Reason to Smile: I had lots of time with family while enjoying one of our nation's beautiful national parks.

Mini Road Trip

08 March 2013

{My brother-in-law with me on the left}

{My sister and me}

Tonight after work Noah and I are going to drive to Washington, DC to see my sister and her fiance. I'm incredibly excited. I love them both so much (and can't wait to officially call Ryan my brother!). At this time our agenda is a little up in the air. The anticipation is killing me; five o'clock can't get here soon enough!

Taking Baby Steps

06 March 2013

Remember those motivations I listed in February? Well I took my first steps towards my the first goal on my mini-list. 

I now have a membership at the local YMCA.

I went for a run this past weekend and have since been recovering from the shin splints and soreness. I am proud though! I did a mile in 12 minutes which I feel is a great thing after not running for over half a year. Then I walked/ran a second mile. 

My goal the next month is to do cardio at least three times a week and to get in one swim session and one yoga session each week. That sounds overwhelming to me right now but I really want to make a healthy change. What is your fitness routine? What are you proud of yourself for this week?

Reason to Smile: I'm making progress. Taking time to reflect on mental, emotional, and physical health has become a priority of mine and I'm staying focused!

The Journey

03 March 2013


At 23 years old I already recognize that there is much for me still to learn about life. More than ever I realize how little I know in comparison to the scheme of the world. Yet I know enough to make this realization.

You see, for a long time I thought that the next stage would be when I was truly happy, when I got married, when I graduated, when I would start my career, or own a dog. Every time something good happened I decided that there must be something more coming, something better and something bigger.

Already I’m realizing the truth of the quote “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”. Growing up this saying seemed like a cop out for people who couldn’t every reach their goals. Now I see myself in the saying - even when you reach that achievement you wind up looking back and missing your purpose and passion in getting there. 
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