Stepping Back

26 April 2013

For a time now I've been less motivated in my posting. I enjoy reading blogs still but I need to find my mojo. All the posts I'm reading are beautiful and I hope to jump back in soon.

Hope you're all enjoying spring!

The Three Ps

09 April 2013

I am turning my life around currently and couldn't be happier about it. Want to know my secret?


1. Be Positive.
In everything that you do, find the best aspect of it. Don't complain, make a mental list or journal each day about five positive things that happened to you that day.

2. Be Proactive.
If you don't feel happy, go change your life! Is your environment a negative, stressful place? Do you feel like you never see enough of your friends? Take the steps you need to make a change. Start off with a small, step-by-step list of goals to orient yourself. What do you want to achieve?

3. Be Passionate.
Find something you care about, something that you think would make you a better person if you could do it/take part in it and pursue that goal. What fills you with a pride or joy? Take part in that realm of your life as often as possible! If you don't think you're passionate about anything, try a few new hobbies until you find something that makes you smile like you wouldn't believe!

National Zoo

08 April 2013

We took a trip to the national zoo recently. Allison, Noah, and I met at the Metro Center in DC and took some pictures of the cherry blossoms (that were still hidden away at the time). Then we hopped back on the metro and arrived at the zoo. We particularly enjoyed seeing the Great Pandas, the otters, sea lions, and the sloth bear. Noah also bought a ginormous bag of popcorn which we ended up keeping for a few days. Hah.

DC Cherry Blossoms

04 April 2013

We visited Washington DC in order to see the cherry blossom trees in full bloom during the festival for the first time. Unfortunately due to all the cold weather around here lately there were only two or three trees on the entire mall and near the Potomac that were in bloom! We stopped by some elusive blossoms to take a few pictures and enjoyed great company despite the lack of blossoms. 

Have you ever been to see the cherry trees in DC?

Shenandoah Valley

01 April 2013

Driving back up from Harrisonburg on Friday I ended up getting off the interstate and driving down Route 11 for a good twenty miles. The route certainly takes longer but it really gives you a great feel for the Shenandoah Valley. Growing up I never thought I lived in the country, but the closer I live to the center of towns the more I realize I may have been wrong. I found myself with an ear-to-ear grin listening to music, with windows down, and passing between mountains, cow fields, and homes from the early 1900s. 

Do you live in the city, suburbs, or country? What do you like about where you live?
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