Louisiana Part I

26 June 2013

I'm so behind any more with posts. I've actually got quite a bit to update about.

First things first, Noah, Nic, and I took a weeklong vacation in Louisiana to visit our best friend, Jake. It had been eleven months since we last saw him and I wasn't sure what it would be like to suddenly be thrown back in together with all four of us sharing a single bathroom and having no personal space for a week. Don't worry, it was easy. It's like we didn't have this year of not being roommates between us.

I always find it so comforting how we can slip right back into friendships like they never went through a period of trials.

Noah, Nic, and I spent two days in a car and crashed overnight in Knoxville Tennessee with some college friends. When we arrived at Jake's that day it was mostly filled with hugs and lightly catching up.

I'll update more about what we did while we were down south, about my current job, and my plans for the upcoming weeks of summer throughout the week. For now, I'll suffice it to say I'm very happy at the moment.

Weekend Plans & a Road Trip

07 June 2013

This weekend is a big deal guys.  It's Noah's 24th BIRTHDAY and we are driving eighteen ours to see our BEST FRIEND. We haven't seen him since the day after our wedding. I also have an interview before we go for a job that I'm really excited about.

I'm trying to tell myself it will be filled with congratulations, celebrations, cake, and laughter but I have a secret fear that it will be irritability from being on the road so long.

Any tips for how to stay sane on LONG road trips? Thanks!

Harper's Ferry

04 June 2013

On Memorial Day I went with my father-in-law and brother-in-law to Harper's Ferry in West Virginia. It is a national historic site due to it's role in the prelude to the Civil War.

It's a great place to relax and spend a nice afternoon. You can go to one of the old-fashioned ice cream shops, picnic by one of the rivers (the Shenandoah and Potomac meet here), or hike up a cliffside. On the holiday I was a bit shocked though - I have never seen the park as crowded as it was on Memorial Day. It's nice though to see people out and enjoying the national parks! The museums we visited weren't very crowded. Mostly people seemed to be enjoying the ice cream.

Summer Bucket List

03 June 2013

June is here! I'm ready for summer, but I feel like the past two months have flown. I consider this a very good thing. With the beginning of a new season upon us I wanted to review what my goals are for the summer time. I am really working on reviving my outdoors nature and so far, so good. Here's a few of my goals for the summer time in random order. I am particularly excited about number eight!!!
  1. Find at least ten new geocaches.
  2. Workout five times a week.
  3. Volunteer with VBS.
  4. Go on at least three hikes.
  5. Camp on Skyline Drive.
  6. Take photos using my 35mm and zoom lenses.
  7. Buy a bike. Bike at least 100 miles this summer.
  8. Adopt a dog. OMG.
  9. By the end of summer, have run at least 100 miles on my Nike + app (I'm at 40mi now). 
  10. Have at least one "event" every three weeks. Lake house party, canoeing, tubing on the Shenandoah etc.
What are your goals for the summer?
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