At the Water's Edge

29 July 2013

Being just a few blocks from the water has a magical impact on your life. I find the beach to be one of the most relaxing places because you get a cool breeze rolling across your skin, feel the sun beaming down on you, and can hear the surf.

Everyone needs to take a vacation now and again. Step back from your everyday life and take a breath. Stop thinking, stop worrying, just relax and enjoy.

Pushing Boundaries

26 July 2013

Lately I've been content with where I am in life. Though I am beginning to wonder whether being content is really where we should aim to be. In the scheme of things, I'm definitely a gal who likes to be comfortable and familiar with her surroundings, but sometimes I believe we have to take chances. We need to try new things and expand our horizons.

My hope is to look back at this next year of my life and think 'that was a year that I really lived through'.

What makes you feel alive?

Boxes and Change

25 July 2013

Noah and I are packing up different rooms of the apartment this week because we're moving back to our hometown this weekend and early next week. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. 

It's not Maryland's fault, but this year has been the hardest of my life in terms of stress and a lack of a support system. I'm quite ready to get back to Virginia and be near my friends. On that note, we are going to be living with two of our best friends while we're there. Well, Nic is already in the downstairs bedroom and Jake is working on transferring from Louisiana. 

I feel like we're a little unorthodox, but for the time being I couldn't be happier with it. I'm excited to have a closer commute to my job, have family dinners, go to church, and find myself again. This summer has been a good start and life is finally back on track.

Peach Grilled Cheese

24 July 2013

Initially I saw this post on Amanda's blog that inspired my food cravings. As a vegetarian, the bacon was out so I adjusted it a bit...

All I used was sourdough bread, peaches, Muenster cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. Grill on medium heat. If you're looking for a way to use a few more peaches this is a good opportunity.

Life is Beautiful

23 July 2013

Life is beautiful
Listening to the rain
Luxuriating in long naps
Sitting in the warm sun
Holding a soft kitty in my lap
Late night phone conversations
Hugging friends
Reading novels
Smelling peaches
Picking wildflower bouquets
Sipping from your favorite mug 
Country music on long car rides
Watching the sunset
Being on the water
Experiencing love
Life is beautiful

Enjoying that Morning Light

22 July 2013

I really enjoyed mornings at the beach house this year. For the first time, more people in our generation woke up and moved about before the older generation. We'd start the coffee, make breakfast, sit around and chat, or swing on the hammock.

Something about the sunlight in the morning (and evening) captures me. It's just a little more golden and it makes the world seem like a bright, happy place. Now that I'm not rushing to wake up in the morning I really enjoy them.

Outer Banks

21 July 2013

All is quiet on the eastern front...

This past week was spent with family and friends at a quaint little beach in North Carolina. I enjoyed watching the sunset, sitting in a hammock, eating amazing breakfasts, and swimming. Can't vacation just become real life?

Louisiana Part IV

10 July 2013

As you can tell, we had a blast throwing water balloons in the backyard while on vacation. I honestly had just as much fun tying them up in the sink. It's fun when people mess up and miss the spout so that water sprays all over the sink.

After we ran through all the balloons, relatively quickly, we put out a sprinkler in the yard and ran through it.

Talk about a lot of summer fun.

Louisiana Part III

09 July 2013

Well, my apologies for being so far behind in posting about life. It's been busy lately, but mostly in a good way. Lots of late night chats with my best friend, making memories with my in-laws, celebrating holidays, and working my new job. It's been good.

I want to cover our trip to Louisiana thoroughly before moving on to the Outer Banks (we leave in FOUR days!). So here we go - Round 3!

What I want to talk about in this post is the pleasantness of the 'mundane'. Not every moment of every day is going to be filled with exploring a new city or browsing museums. One of the best things about our friendship (Noah, Nic, Jake, and me... and a few others in our circle) is that we are so comfortable. Life is easy together, laughter is easy, happiness is easy.

Some days we were feeling pretty lazy and we would hark back to our days at JMU. For nearly a year our Saturday mornings consisted of going out to get McDonalds breakfast and coming home to play boardgames until the early afternoon.

We fell back into our friendship so easily. It's like a day had passed between us.

Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, watching tv, reading, chatting outside, watching Game of Thrones in bed, playing Catan, learning Dominion... it's all familiar. I love that.

Reason to Smile: Lazy days that remind you of what a wonderful life you have. I'm thankful for friends I can relax and be myself around.

Louisiana Part II

05 July 2013

While we were down south visiting our friend we made a couple of plans about things we'd like to do. The first was Noah's first choice - visiting an art museum. We stayed for a little over an hour browsing the paintings, sculptures, and famous quotes upon the walls.

Afterwards we headed downtown to the Riverwalk in Shreveport. The Red River rolls between the town and Bossier City. We parked the car and walked through a thick heat to be alongside the river. We took our turn riding a carousel. Did you know that carousels are a lot of fun? At least to me they are... I like picking out what animal to ride, feeling a little like you're flying while listening to happy, bouncy music and feeling just a tad silly with friends. You should try it next chance you get.

After our ride we walked past a few shops. We stopped in at a frozen yogurt stand called the Orange Leaf and picked out our favorite toppings. More than anything I was just grateful to have a little A/C and some time to chat lightly. It felt so strongly reminiscent of college when a froyo place opened up my senior year.

Next we walked past a few shops and went into an arcade. I think we spent two dollars on tokens, just enough to play a first person shooter game and skee ball (my personal favorite arcade game).

All in all, the mood felt cheery (and a bit hot - can moods be hot?). It reminded me of being a kid.
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