West Virginia

26 September 2013

I need to play a little catch up here on the old blog. Nearly a month ago now Noah and I spent a lovely Saturday with his family on some of their farm land in West Virginia. I always enjoy visiting the property because the only buildings on the property consist of an old outhouse and a picnic shelter. Beyond that there's a creek, a field, mountains, woods, and a campfire pit.

Everyone brings a camping chair and we just sit around the fire and chat. It was a beautiful country day.

Morning Thoughts on the Future

24 September 2013

I'm sitting with my morning cup of coffee looking over labs and data thinking about my present and my future. Each time I do I seem to get a feeling of anxiety, am I going to make it? Sometimes I feel adrenaline just thinking about it... but you know what? I will do my best and things will work out. I will try my absolute hardest to reach my goals, to find success in every area of my life, and to create memories I can be proud of.

The mountains are calling and I must go


18 September 2013

The very first blog I read on a regular basis, back in 2009, was Chronicles of a Country Girl.  Kate's photos and words struck me as sincere and powerful. 

If you would, please take a moment to visit her blog and send her condolences on the loss of her husband after a struggle with his illness. We never have enough time with those that we love. 

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