Happy Thanksgiving

27 November 2013

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving. Get lots of rest, spend some quality time with friends and family, and eat to your hearts content.

Daily Walks

26 November 2013

I find myself really looking forward to long walks with Odin, particularly if they involve another friend or my husband. It's a nice way to bond and you just can't be unhappy when you're walking a dog.

It has gotten chilly around here and we even had our first snowfall a few nights ago. Nothing was sticking but it got Noah's hopes up about school being cancelled. Sometimes teachers need breaks too.

Our Dog

17 November 2013

Odin is making the transition from pound dog to family dog rather easily. He's walking well on the leash and hasn't had a single accident. Talk about a sweet pup; he doesn't bark or growl and shakes his whole back end when he's excited. His favorite part of the day is every walk that we take. Morning, afternoon, night it's all grand in Odin's opinion.

Reason to smile: I'm very excited about the newest furry addition to our family.


14 November 2013

Say hello to our new pup Odin. 


13 November 2013

Noah and I are thinking about making a big decision soon. Here's a little hint.


08 November 2013

I'm in Richmond visiting my sister and her fiance for a few days. It's always hard not being able to see one another very often, but it does make visits more precious. Since it's Friday they are both out at their respective grown up jobs and I'm about to head out and explore Richmond a bit. I am definitely more of a country girl, but for visits cities are fantastic! It's a beautiful day here and I'm counting my blessings having time to see my family.

I'll touch base over the next few days, hope you have an exciting weekend!

Halloween Party

05 November 2013

On Friday night I got to see a lot of my closest friends out at the lake house. There were a few decorations up that somehow didn't make it into these pictures... but it was a spooky feel.

We played downstairs for a bit and chatted while admiring one another's costumes. 

These are my lady friends from work! Ashley and Nicole are awesome chicas who bring so much life with them. These girls rock it!

I counted off by threes and groups had to have one person be a mummy while the other two dressed them up with three rolls of toilet paper. 

The aim was to be the fastest done with your mummy (using all three rolls!), but we ended up giving Noah, Ashley, and Chloe's team a first place designation for their beautiful design. 

Clean up was incredibly easy and surprisingly fun.

We also played a game where you had a sticker on your back with the name of a person you might dress up as for Halloween. You had to go around asking yes or no questions and try to figure out who you were. It went off pretty well.

Reason to Smile: We had a great group of people there on Friday and it's a night I want to remember. 


04 November 2013

I'm recuperating from a busy but rewarding weekend. Friday was spent prepping for a Halloween party that was a blast with many of my closest friends. We met at the lake house and everyone came in their Halloween costumes which ranged from clever to cute to sexy. Then Saturday morning I had party clean up, an interview at a pharmacy (psyched!), and worked all afternoon until midnight.

Yesterday was spent at church as a big event (nine. hours.) because our woman minister got ordained. I'm proud of her! Although I'm glad to be home for a bit. The praise band arrived at 8am to practice, we had Sunday School, and played for a long combined service before splitting up for lunch. Noah and I went to Cici's with the Vances for a bit. After lunch we went home and changed in less than ten minutes and headed back to church for a run-through of the ordination service.

Now it's Monday morning and I am enjoying a rare hour to myself at the townhouse as I finish up the last of my coffee.

It was a beautiful and productive weekend and I wouldn't change it, but I'm glad to spend some time for myself right now too.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!
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