Book 1: Name of the Wind

21 January 2014

When I worked at BAM I had quite a few people recommend the Name of the Wind to me as a reading book. "Oh you like Game of Thrones? You should try Rothfuss' new book." "If you like Jordon's series you'll like the KingKiller Chronicles." What do you know? They were all correct. The final decided was one of my friends suggested it to me and I decided it would be my first book for the new year. 

Ever since finishing the Game of Thrones series I've had a hard time getting back into a book series. Perhaps this was because I kept trying to read books I consider out of my genre (hello, any fantasy lovers out there?). Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind turned out to be a great match for me. 

There is an intriguing main character, Kvothe, who is likable but defiant enough to keep the plot quite interesting. He learns sympathy, a semi-magic knowledge and comes from a family in the Edema Ruh, a music-loving, theatrical group. That background lends a large hand in his success in adventures by his incredible memory and plethora of talents. The book carries a good mix of magic, love, friendship, trials, and hope and I'd say any fantasy-lover must give it a try.

The sequel is my current read, A Wise Man's Fear, and the final book in the trilogy will be out in 2015 sometime. Give it a whirl!

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