Inspirations: Exercise Edition

15 January 2014

For Christmas two of my friends invited me to come to their Jazzercise center with them. Each member gets a free month to give away to somebody new which is awesome for all parties involved. Now there are three people I know that attend there and I've signed up to try it out too. January is all free but I like it so much and enjoy the people so much that I'm trying out a few more months beyond the free one. 

If you've never done Jazzercise it's basically an hour long session of cardio and weights that utilizes music to make you move. For every song that plays you learn three or so move sets and you repeat them at different intervals throughout the song. 

Beyond being fun, there are some people that are really motivating me to move my butt recently! One of them is pictured above. My "other mother" Kathy is going to jazzercise and she's attending religiously. When her daughter and I can't go she's still there on her own pumping and it makes me want to keep up with her. 

Ashely, from My Nesting Instincts, is another inspiration. If you've seen her blog you'll know she has been very goal-oriented this past year with upping her fitness levels. She has lost a lot of weight and has entered into a healthy style. And she makes it look easy! But she's honest on the blog about the good and tough moments. 

The other person that inspires me is my roommate Jake. He was overweight in college, and a lot of his life as a kid, but then he moved to Louisiana away from his friends and he had some free time on his hands. He had already been running but he decided to get a gym regimen going and low and behold he totally changed his lifestyle.

I'm hoping to follow their lead and change my life for the better. I want to be healthy and positive. I already have a conversation with Kathy this week that was a shocker for me... I was in class on Monday afternoon, my third of the day, and I thought to myself Man, I wish I was in Jazzercise right now. GASP! What? Never in my life (with the exception of biking and kayaking - which are so fun they're practically not exercise) have I enjoyed working out or looked forward to working out. THAT'S HOW FUN JAZZERCISE IS. Do you get me? 

So, after this wordy post - here's to a new year, a new lifestyle, and new inspiration. 


Shoko said...

sounds like so much fun!

Amy Powell said...

I've never done it but it sounds like fun. that studio is amazing! have a great time with it :)

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