Oh Happy Days

29 January 2014

This week has been an interesting mix of relaxing and super productive for me. I'm feeling it. The public schools in my area seem to be in a tizzy deciding whether or not they should have school or have delays in the morning since it's so cold out and the students are sometimes walking to the buses. The upside of this is that Noah has a few hours or days off here and there.

To recap what's been going on around here I'll make a little list.

  • Odin got promoted to the next level training class (at no extra charge!). He has "more skills" than a beginner would learn in the class so he gets to advance. 
  • I have an A in every class currently and I'm pumped about it.
  • We bought a desk for me! I've been doing work on the kitchen table and I finally have a desk of my own in the house. 
  • I am making 10,000 steps each day with my fitbit and more of my friends are getting them so we can compete. 
  • Noah started going to the gym and I'm keeping up with jazzercise; I'm going five times a week!
Okay, back to more regular posting as soon as I get on a more regular schedule. The third week is where I usually catch the hang of things and we're almost there! Cross your fingers we don't have any more snow to throw us off.

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