Bears Den

24 February 2014

I was feeling extremely restless this weekend and experiencing some wanderlust. After the cold winter days we ended up with a day in the 50s. My heart rises along with the temperature. After two church services and a sunday school class I decided that I need to hit a trail. Noah took me to a new camping and hiking location about thirty minutes out from our hometown. The location was beautiful!

We only did a few short hikes totaling around two miles and it was Odin's first hike with us! Can I just say again how great it is to have a furry companion? With hiking boots, a backpack, and a pup we were set for a great hiking day. Noah actually managed to keep the location a secret from me until we arrived. I had never heard of Bears Den before since my hikes usually tour through the mountains a bit south of here. 

It was a little muddy since the last of the snow was melting away and the hike was a little busy since it's the first warm weekend in months. And I WAS LOVING IT. Hope you are having a great start to the week!

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