Book 2: A Wise Man's Fear

03 February 2014

The sequel to Name of the Wind has been equally as capturing as the original in the trilogy. Kvothe continues his recounting of prior actions and adventures while a few events occur within the frame story.

While moving through the course of the book the reading switches between the frame and the interior story. A few side characters get developed further though the book remains with one true protagonist, against the popular multi-character view nowadays.

A Wise Man's Fear really helps to start maturing the character from an adolescent youth to more of a man and I'm excited to see where the final part of the trilogy takes us. Unfortunately, there's a little bit of a wait so I'll have to find a few other fantasy books to occupy my time.

Sanderson's Mistborn is next on my list but I'm looking for suggestions. I'm trying to read 26 books this year so I need to find some that capture me!

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