Book 3: Mistborn, The Final Empire

25 February 2014

Book three of my 26 book goal for the year is Mistborn: The Final Empire, by Brandon Sanderson. Another fantasy novel, this book takes place in a world of magic that has somewhat more specific rules to it than I am used to. Instead of having a wide range of uses, people can only use specific types of magic that comes from using metals. Some people are stronger, some people can enhance their senses, others can pull or push off from metals around them. It's a very unique and well-thought out world. 

While the book mostly centers around the viewpoint of Vin, a street-rat sort of girl who is learning that she may not have to always be on her own, there are a few other characters that will pull you in along the way. 

I would probably put the book at 4/5 stars and if you like fantasy series, I would suggest this novel as part one of a trilogy. 

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