Flying Over Pavement

20 February 2014

I forgot how much I enjoyed biking. We are finally having some days in the 40s so I've decided to celebrate by pumping my bike tires and hitting the pavement. The feel of flying over the road is not quite like any other.

Today I even decided to be a risk-taker and took Odin out with me on a leash. That is a challenge. No shocker, but dogs aren't going to run alongside a bike intuitively. First off, huge props to Odin for not being afraid of a bike. Yet, trying to get him to run beside me instead of in front or behind me proves to be nearly impossible. Occasionally we would get into a good jaunt and went for nearly 3/4 of the neighborhood circle. My right arm really hurts from the grip I held on his leash, but all in all I am feeling pretty good about it. It'll take some work, but we can definitely do this!

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