26 February 2014

On Sunday Noah and I took a trip to Bear's Den to hit some trails and get outdoors on one of the few nice days we've had recently.  I feel like I need to give some background on it to do justice to how one person can really turn around another's day.

I wasn't feeling it Sunday.

Stress and a lack of friend/me time had me on edge and big time a little grouchy. Noah was sick with a head cold (and he's never sick) so he wasn't at church with me that morning. Yet how do I treat him? With complaints, whining, and maybe even some quiet yelling. I'm not proud of it. I tend to lash out at others when I am feeling bad and it's a terrible personality trait that I'm trying to do away with.

And you know how Noah responds? While I'm at another church service after our interaction, he plans a hike for me so that I can de-stress. He kept it a secret where we were going even. He just told me to have comfortable hiking shoes and he put a leash on Odin. How lucky am I? After me taking out my stress and anger on him (and he had no honest part in it) he still puts my needs first and defuses the situation.

Lesson learned: I need to focus myself a bit more when I'm angry and not lash out at all the near bystanders and my duties as a wife need to be stepped up. Thank you Noah for knowing how to get this cat to pull her claws back in.

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