Animal Kingdom Round 1

25 March 2014

While in Florida we took a trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom to spend a day enjoying the attractions and roller coasters. I have a love of all things Disney and their theme parks bring a lot of childhood joy to me. They do such a spectacular job with scenery and making you feel like you are in a different world. Especially as a Virginia girl, they make the plants and atmosphere seem exotic. 

We took a walk through the Maharaja Trail which led us by tigers, birds, and other animals native to Asia.

We saw King Louie and Baloo walking around the park heading to a station where you could get signatures and photos with them. 

We took a train for a "behind the scenes" look in the animal kingdom and reached Rafiki's conservation area on the far corner of the kingdom. There we saw Chip and Dale which the twins got photos with. 

Again, the details of the park were just incredible. I told Noah I would love to go back again soon for a longer time period and to see more parks. His family is more for the big rides and I'm more for the shows and characters. We had a great day touring the park grounds here.

I'll share more photos with you tomorrow. Have you been to Disney? Which is your favorite of their theme parks? 


Traci said...

What colorful pictures. I have never been to any of the Disney parks! But I don't think I'll ever feel too old to do so--it's on my bucket list, for sure.

Claire said...

well I've never been but your photos look great! love the costumes...feel sorry for the humans inside though!

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