Animal Kingdom Round 2

26 March 2014

We toured through Africa for part of our Animal Kingdom journey hoping to see the Lion King show, only to realize that they had discontinued that attraction! 

We did get to see more wild animals though and go on safari!

While in the Animal Kingdom we watched their show Flights of Wonder and they showed us lots of well-trained birds that could do tricks on command. They called a few kids up on the stage to participate (such as tossing a grape up in the air for a bird to catch). Then they asked who had a camera and would like to take a picture. Well, I have a camera. AND YES I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE A PICTURE.

Noah and Nic were super embarrassed that I had volunteered and sure enough the hosts picked me and invited me onto the stage. I got to sit on a bench and they told me where an owl would come from behind stage so I could take a picture of it flying right over me to it's perch. 

I was pretty excited I got to take this picture. I wish I had caught the owl while it was still in the shade because he suddenly became over-exposed, but still very cool to have sat on the stage to take the picture with the audience in the background. 

I've decided working with animals and educating people through a show/public speaking sounds like a dream job! I guess I'll just have to move to Disney or work with sea world. Haha! See ya there! 

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