Bright Box Talent Show

17 March 2014

I went with a friend and my brother-in-law to the Bright Box last Thursday after we had reserved free tickets online to see a round of the talent show. In May Winchester has a big festival called Apple Blossom and there are games at the midway, a circus, parades, bands, and lots of events the week leading up to the festival. (You can check out years past here). 

Well, this year Apple Blossom is hosting a big talent show with a $5000 cash prize so people have been entering in rounds 1-3 to go on to the final stage. 

The Bright Box was packed! They had moved out the round tables from the last show we were at because they upped the attendance. So people had seats upstairs and on the floor to crowd around and watch the performers. As a 20 something this was fine by me though I'm sure there may have been a few in the crowd who struggled with this. 

I also swear that I'll take my DSLR the next time I go to get better pictures. I'm still in that small town stage of do I really want to take out that hulking dslr to take pictures of this event?. I'm not  in a "hipster city" or one where bloggers reside. There also aren't tourists... so it's a little strange. Confidence is building up though and I really am not one to care about what other people think of me, so I'll have to grab it and tote it around more often.

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