March Intentions

06 March 2014

In an effort to be more specific about what I want to achieve, I'm doing my favorite thing and making a list of goals for myself for the next month. It's already a few days into March, but I'd rather organize my intentions than let them slip away.
  • Take ten pictures a day
  • Go to jazzercise at least three times a week
  • Be able to play bass at church on Sunday mornings by the end of the month
  • Ask at least three friends to be models for me
  • Clean out my closet and donate excess clothes to goodwill
  • Have at least three coffee dates with Ashley
  • Ride my bike for 10 miles
  • Date night at least once a week
  • Eat a vegetable/fruit every day (& lose three pounds)
That's quite a few on top of classes and work so I'm hoping I'll be able to accomplish them. Writing the goals down always seems to help me focus and make a stronger effort to follow through. Do you have any goals for March?

And isn't Odin cute? He would rather take a nap than plan out goals. All of his consist of watching Artemis, eating, and playing.

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