Bonnie Blue

14 April 2014

Last week I stopped in at Bonnie Blue twice. Once I met my mother-in-law for coffee before my pharmacy interview and later I met Ashley for lunch. It's a unique lunch spot in our town. I hesitant to call it a lunch spot even because it's a little short on both parking and tables to eat at. A lot of people order their food to go. 

Blue serves Route 11 potato chips, has signs plastered on their windows for local events, and has handwritten signs with a very stylized interior. 

I will say there's practically nothing vegetarian. You can grab a few sides to go and it's pretty good for coffee. However, if you eat meat you're in heaven. They've got lots of fresh cooked choices for you. 

All in all I would say you have to try it if you live in Winchester because there's no other place in town quite like it. 

1 comment:

Linda said...

Looks very bright and cheerful.

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