Skyland Resort

18 April 2014

One of my best friends, Allison, came back to America from Leeds for the week and to celebrate being reunited with headed up into the mountains. For the first time in my history of visiting Skyline Drive I ate food that I had not packed for a picnic on a trail.We met at Skyland Resort, about 45 miles south from the northern end of the Drive and ordered some (adorably themed) drinks and a hummus plate. We chatted for hours over the meal on top of the mountain catching up on our lives. 

The views from the Resort were spectacular. I'm a camper myself, but maybe one day I'll splurge and spend some extra cash on a cabin up here. The views are probably worth it.

Since we didn't have a bunch of time and we wanted to be able to talk instead of huff and puff on our entire journey we jumped into her car listening to some music and decided to chat as we drove to Big Meadows about nine miles south on the Drive. 

Along the way we stopped at each overlook and leaned against the car to take in some views. Of course we snapped some pictures as we're both kind of addicts. 

Triumphantly taking on the urge to block every panoramic view. 

Allison and I climbed around on outcrops and were braving heights that each of us had been nervous about prior. 

This shot actually wasn't posed. She had just climbed up six or seven feet from the ledge below. I really adore her.

I swear i went out to the edge of that outcrop there. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with how beautiful our valley is here. 

We drove back to Skyland and the sun was slowly sinking. We talked and talked and it felt like no time had passed since we last spoke and hung out together. It's amazing how true friendships can withstand time and distance. 

Allison and I will always share the Park together and laughing over dramatic and girly things together. I am so thankful for the way our lives just happened to cross paths. 

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Claire said...

great photos, don't think I'd want to be close to that edge!!

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