Skyline Drive: Lands Run

16 April 2014

On Sunday afternoon my family went up to Skyline Drive and hiked the Lands Run trail. A year ago Noah and I did this with my friend Allison and had a great time so we thought bringing the family here would be a good choice. 

At Dickey's Ridge visitors center with a great view. 

Since we brought the pup with us we had to take turns going into the visitors center. While I waited under a tree Odin sniffed around then sat right next to me almost as if he was looking at the mountains and contemplating the meaning of life.

Before hitting the trail we ate our lunch (I had hummus and pretzels!) and we chatted. The van made a great travel car for our adventure because Odin got a great space to move around and we had a semi-built in picnic table. 

This was Odin's first foray into a stream and I was very excited. My love of water has had me hoping all winter long that he would take to it like I do. What do you know? He does! He was splashing around a little and grabbing drinks. Next stop - lake house. 

I sat down to take a picture and Odin knows me so well that he sat right on the mossy rocks beside me and faced the camera with no command. What a ham. 

It reminded me of my childhood years. Most of my memories with my dad are of band concerts and hiking on Skyline Drive. It was cool to do this as a family unit again because we haven't done that in probably five years. 

All in all we had a great trip up to Skyline Drive, as always, and it's got me aching to get back out in the sunshine and hit all the trails. The summer weather has given me an itch.

PSA - Totally had a tick on me when I got home. So, with the good comes the bad. Be sure to check yourselves after outdoor activities cause those little buggers are sneaky.

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