Staying on Top

22 April 2014

It's so close to the end of the semester and that means I am juggling four or five different assignments at any given time. Right now I'm trying to pick one, finish it, then move on to the next. The end of the semester also means I'm signing up for my summer courses (which is never as easy at it sounds). The good news is there is roughly a two week break between spring and when I begin Organic Chemistry at the end of May. 

Right now I'm trying to maintain a balanced life of school, work, friends, and time outdoors with Odin. Exercise is starting to climb back up now that it's warm and I have my fitbit charged again. 

Here's what I consider staying on top of things:
- See at least two friends a week
- Work out at least three times
- Finish all assignments at least a day before their due date
- Fulfilling all obligations (work, church, others...)

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