Band Trip: Kings Dominion

19 May 2014

This weekend may be one of the busiest of my life and I'm okay with that. On Friday I had a meet and greet for pharmacy school and got to meet some of my future classmates. Then on Saturday Noah and I went on a trip to Kings Dominion for a band festival and to enjoy a day in the amusement park with students. It all culminated with a Color Run yesterday morning. So many experiences jam-packed into a few days. Well, here's a start to covering these fun events.

The band got on the bus at 6:45 (a little later than planned) and got to the high school we were performing at around 9:20 - minutes into their scheduled warm up time. We booked it off the bus and headed in to warm up for fifteen minutes and then run onto the stage to perform. After the jazz band played we got back on the bus and headed to the park!

After getting into the park we met my sister who lives in Richmond. We had a great time exploring the park and riding a few coasters.

After spending six hours wandering through the park Noah and I took a little break to sit like the adults that we are. ;)

At 6pm we had the awards ceremony where all the bands and choirs come to see how they ranked. Noah is actually on the stage in this photo (hint: find the tallest man).

There were quite a few bands and choirs and guess what??? Noah's school got first place and their division AND best overall jazz band! It was amazing and I'm so proud of him and his students.

We left the parks and got on our bus to arrive at the school around 11:30pm. We spent 20 hours on Saturday on the band trip and it went wonderfully all in all. Although I'm grateful two days later to have finally caught up on sleep!

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