Dog Days of Summer

29 May 2014

I had the best afternoon with Odin yesterday. We took him to the lake house, which I've been aching to do forever, since the lake is finally warm enough for swimming.

I didn't even know if Odin knew how to swim or if he instinctually could. After wading out to my waist Odin could no longer stand in the water and he doggie paddled out to me. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

After wading through the water gushing over his cuteness we ended up getting the canoe out to see if he would get in with us. He got in! Not only did he get in, but he stayed with us as we canoed around a bit of the lake. It is a little uncomfortable to have him moving around in the boat as you attempt to paddle, but it's so much fun to have a pup with you that you can ignore the movements for the most part.

On top of all of these great adventures, he never had his leash on. This is the first time he's been truly off of his leash in an open place and he stayed right with us. It was a great day and a growing experience for Odin and me.


Kay said...
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Kay said...

Now that is one happy dog.

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