Happy 25th

28 May 2014

I am 25. It feels a little bit surreal in a way that a birthday hasn't felt since I was probably 16 or 17. 25 is a pretty big one and I feel like my age finally caught up with how old I've felt for a few years.

The day started with chocolate chip and chocolate batter waffles that Noah made, followed by an appointment at a hair salon, then a trip to Skyline Caverns. We stopped for my free birthday Starbucks drink and had dinner at Sona, an Indian restaurant in the city. It was a truly spectacular birthday. 

I think the only way to top it next year is to get me an animal with a little bow on top. (Just joking honey! ... kinda.)

Hope you can enjoy these pictures from the caverns. It was a little difficult to capture the colors and not shake the camera, so hope it worked well enough. This was my fourth tour of a set of caverns in the Shenandoah Valley and was my first private tour - on my birthday no less. Noah and I happened to get there at a time when no one else arrived so we had our own tour guide. It made it a lot of fun!

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