Skyline Drive: Sneads Farm

26 May 2014

On Wednesday my friend Ashley and I went up to Skyline Drive to hike. It was her first time visiting the Drive. 

After stopping at Dickey Ridge Visitor's Center we decided upon Snead Farm as our trail. I'll be honest and say Snead Farm isn't my favorite hike mostly because I love panoramic views and waterfalls, but it's nice to see homes of families who used to live in the park at the turn of the last century. 

Odin went on the hike with us and I learned afterwards that this was a mistake. He's gone on hikes with me before with essentially no problem, and I guess this hike wasn't an issue for him either. However, after getting home I found 23+ ticks on him. I kind of lost count at that point. There was a lot of grass and now that it's a summer month the parasite problem was just too severe. He had a great time though and he kept up really well on the hike! In the lead the whole time. 

Above: The grass that I believe is the main tick resort on Skyline Drive.

Ashley and I did a 3 mile loop from the parking spaces near a campground up to the farm house then did a long uphill trail to the view seen below before doing a quick, steepish trail back to the beginning. 

The views were actually a nice surprise for me because I usually just hike to the farm house and back. 

Right at the end of our hiking adventure, as we were walking back to the car, Ashely discovered this guy just off the main road. I was just grateful that Odin didn't see him; I am not sure yet how Odin would respond to a snake! Cool to see a little more wildlife as mostly what we saw were birds. We did get to see one lonesome deer though on our way into the hike. 

All in all it was a great pre-birthday hike followed by pizza from the Melting Pot in Front Royal. I'm glad Ashley and I got to share the time in the wilderness together! 

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