The Beginnings of Summer Fun

07 May 2014

{Ashley at Shenandoah University}

The weather has been too beautiful to stay cooped up inside, even thinking of my fair skin, and it's been a blast getting out. Two days ago I took Odin to a wetland preserve to walk the 4 mile trail there. Super flat and easy for both of us though he was getting a bit tired since we had visited the dog park right before our jaunt. 

Yesterday lent itself to a bike ride in Martinsburg on the Route 9 trail. Remember the C&O Canal where we previously lived? (1, 2, 3)Yeah, I miss that place. Now I have to drive and hour to get there but I think it might be worth it. Miles of flat land so that you can get your cardio on while catching a breeze that rolls over the Potomac. It is stunning! Route 9 on the other hand is hills. Hills everywhere. Now, that is a great leg workout, but coming back into biking after almost a year off (oops) makes that really difficult. I thought I had gone a mile but checking Map My Ride it was only .75. What?! I used to bike 10 miles on the canal. The hills make a huge difference in motivation. Biking is one of my favorite exercises though and I am determined to find a place to ride in the area. 

In the afternoon I got to spend time with my best friend taking her senior photos. She is so pretty! And smart, kind, and beautiful. I've been very lucky to get to know her. 

These past couple of days have been a blast and I'm looking forward to being outdoors as much as possible this summer. 

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