How Do You Express Your Creativity?

10 June 2014


Ever notice that as kids we are given crayons and markers all the time? We do crafts at school, at church, and during free time, but then we reach middle and high school and all of a sudden those things seem childish. Sometimes that carries into adulthood and we no longer have time to pursue creative outlets.

I think we crave it. 

Lately I've been thinking about how I could be more creative. Of course, I enjoy taking pictures, but I haven't mastered the editing process and that could be a worthwhile goal this summer. Beyond pictures, I'm also trying to pick up a few more skills with photoshop. After seeing a photo that inspired me on Pinterest I went on a google search for 30 minutes to find videos that could teach me how to create a silhouette. Sure enough, with enough time and effort (relatively attainable) I figured out how to make a silhouette from a photograph on there. Hopefully I can do my own tutorial soon.

If you're craving a creativity outlet, here are some options for you:
  • Paint a stain-glass frame
  • Learn to knit a scarf (not as hard as you'd think)
  • Take a photo every day for a month
  • Paint (if you feel like you're lacking here then try a paint-by-number)
  • Take a class - lots of cities offer pottery, painting, or jewelry classes
  • Use sidewalk chalk and create a mural
  • Tie-dye a t-shirt

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