18 July 2014

Last night Jake and I spent our evening working on creating light writing. It's the first time I dedicated some time to figuring out how to do it. On the Manual setting (M) I just set my shutter speed to 6 or 8 seconds and we would write out words with my iPhone flashlight. So simple and easy and lots of fun to create different results.

The water has been pretty cold this week in the Outer Banks but the days have been warm. The mornings and evenings are especially nice. This past year a new boardwalk has been added up on the Sound side so we can walk on it to get donuts, evening pictures, and morning papers. We'll be leaving this evening and I'll catch up on some photos from earlier in the week.


Claire said...

I love those light word photos, I've never tried to do it but I really want to!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

That is so cool!

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