4th of July

10 August 2014

I realize I'm a good bit behind on the events of this summer. I guess taking two chemistry courses over the summer will do that to a girl. So, without further ado, here are some pictures from our Fourth of July celebration. 

Our friends, Sam and her husband (oh my gosh, they're married now), Ben, hosted us and a few other friends. Everyone sat around with each other to chat, play some yard games, and everyone brought a dish to share. 

They also had a fire pit and we made smores over it. Did you know smores are the best summer snack? Fact. 

Noah, Nic, and Ben kept throwing poppers at each other until Noah ran inside to watch the fireworks behind a glass door. 

Soon, this group of people will be meeting up to watch a Harry Potter movie once a month during the school year and I'm pretty excited about it! 

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