Beautiful Day

15 August 2014

Here's a highlight reel of my day yesterday and it was a good one! As a throwback, I'll call these my reasons to smile.

  • Did jazzercise early in the morning
  • Saw Ashley for lunch
  • Used Panera's online ordering system with ease and their corn chowder is amazeballs
  • Bought two new shirts
  • The weather was gorgeous
  • Met up with AJ, Corbin, and Monti
  • Spent an hour and a half in the dog park with great dogs and great people
  • Had a good obedience class with Odin
Sometimes you just need a good day.

Getting amped up for school to start! I think I'm going to be super dorky like moms of kindergardeners and take pictures on the first day. I'll probably end up as the dorky one anyways so I better just embrace it. Hah! Here's to a good weekend!

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