28 August 2014

We had some icebreaker games at orientation last week. Honestly they were much needed after a lot of talk about the level of academic work required. 

We played games that involved walking across a series of 2x4s blinded with a partner who can't speak, and we had to have our whole group (10 people) stand on a tarp and flip it over without ever stepping off.

There was also a game where we had to transfer as many balls as possible from one 5 gallon bucket to another without passing to the person on our left or right all while standing in a square. There were a mix of tennis balls and ping pong balls. 

And the last team building game was using a rubber band with strings attached to transfer solo cups from one table to another and then stack them in a pyramid. 

There was one more game, but no one may ever speak it's name again. 

We also spent some time either trying to figure computers out or explaining them to one another. As a person who swears by Macs I'm pretty excited that we're an Apple School. 

AJ and I messed around with our ipads and sent each other a few pictures...

And my sister sent me a sweet, sweet package (literally) filled with jars of homemade cookies. She congratulated me on getting into pharmacy school and it meant a lot to me! 

It's already settling in how much work we have. It's nearly a 40 hour week when you're only looking at classes and all the upperclassmen and professors keep saying that you shouldn't underestimate the workload. I guess that's not too surprising since it's a doctorate program. 

So, here's to a great four years and many wonderful new memories. 

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