West Virginia Camping

17 August 2014

A week ago, Noah and I went camping out in West Virginia. We took Odin with us too and we only had one scare with him off the leash. He had just disappeared... any guess where he was? Sitting in the car! No joke. He really wanted to just sit in the van and not run around in the woods. What a posh dog Odin is. 

We got a fire started. I felt really good about this since a lot of people in someone's family like to use fuel to get it started. I said we could do this with just a newspaper and match and we did. I felt pretty accomplished due to my former girl scout career when I was in elementary and middle school.

For dinner we made pizza pockets. You just take pita, pizza sauce, and cheese and stuff it together and put it in over the fire. Using foil would probably be best but since we're dorks and forgot to bring foil our pots worked just fine for this job. 

Of course, my all time favorite summer food is the delicious smore. You never really get them unless you're at a campfire so that makes them a rare treat. Believe me, I've tried it at home and, while technically it works, it just isn't the same without smelling the woodsy smoke while taking your first bite. 

We had a fun couple of hours out together before night fell and we ended up packing it in. 

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