Hey Guys, Lets Make Goals for Ourselves!

02 September 2014

My friends (and husband) all made fun of me for setting goals for myself all the time - I almost consider it a leisurely activity to relax. Yet, I do believe that making a list of things you want to accomplish helps you actually get to the point of DOING them. 

Now, I'm taking a well-rounded look at my life and I'm trying to decide how I want the next four years to go. Some areas are a little more grey than others. When I finished college I was pretty happy with how my years had gone (I'm a firm believer that it's hard to be unhappy at JMU). Yet looking back I still wish I had tackled a bit more during my time there. 

Getting my PharmD will take four years of my life and hopefully even a fifth in the form of a residency. So, while this exercise won't be perfect, I want to make a little road map of the sites I'd like to see along the way.

  • Have an officer position in the Class of 2018
  • Join at least two clubs
  • Have a high leadership position in one club
  • Be published by the end of my P1 year
  • Enjoy "girl time" at least once a week (Ashley, AJ, Allison, new friends...)
  • Workout 5/7 days a week
  • Date night once a week
  • Try new things. People want to go tubing? I'm going. People are playing paintball? Count me in.

I'm already a good bit stressed out from trying to balance studying (HARD), working out, friends, church, and the mortgage nonsense. I may make a bit more year/semester-specific lists soon but as an overview of my time I want to balance academics and fun. More important than anything else though is to make myself competitive for a residency. 

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