Apple Butter Prepping

09 October 2014

Tuesday night was spent apple snitting, aka that thing you do where your hands get all slimy, discolored, and you work til your hands are so wet that your knife slips across the apple and knicks your finger... but I digress.

I actually really enjoy apple butter time at my church because it's an event that is quite unifying. Often times we focus on the worship aspect of church (which is so important) but we can't forget that part of the church's focus should be on mission. Apple butter allows us to work together in service and allows some people to show their gifts in a way that may not normally be showcased. Then the money raised from apple butter gets put towards missions, ministry, and our sister church. 

After the snitting events, we had Bible Study on Wednesday. We talked about our spiritual gifts from Ephesians 4. I think it's honestly something that could grow the church, to recognize an area where you have a strength. Especially if other people can describe what they think your gifts are. 

Sometimes all you need is encouragement.

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