16 October 2014


Recently I didn't do very well on a test for school and it's causing me a good bit of stress. I'm not used to having a bad grade in any class. Since the exam my confidence is wavering and I feel a little lost. I guess that's natural, to second guess yourself a little more when you've failed at something (even literally). 

The real question, is what is your next step?

Do you give up? Do you blame it on an outside source? Or do you say, I really could have prepared better and I can do better next time. 

That last option sounds so nice and easy but sometimes it just isn't that simple. Of course, that's what I'm telling myself to do but I still question it. What if it's too hard? What if I'm not dedicated enough? Then I realized that, like everything else, you put one foot in front of the other. Make a plan and figure out how to do better. That may mean I need to wake up earlier, lose free time, or quit some church activities. Right now, school has to be the priority in my life and I may not have made it as much of one as I should. Oh, it was #1, but church and friends were a close 2nd and 3rd. Time to up my game. 

Here's to dedication and regaining confidence.

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Call it Adventure said...

Hey girl, keep that chin up! Sometimes the harder stuff ends up being the best thing we could have hoped for. It tends to reveal more about us than the easy stuff, and I have no doubt your struggle here will just reveal how strong and determined you really are :)

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