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06 November 2014

Okay, so big news for us around here is - Noah and I bought a house. To be exact, we bought this house, the townhouse we've been living in for the past year. The total rent is dropping each month when our mortgage starts and we want to put a bit of work in to fix it up. By no means is this house a "fixer upper" but it's not new construction either. My favorite thing about it is the space. My least favorite thing is the lack of windows. 

The only room in the house that I love in almost every way is our bedroom, which started off with some wild colors when we moved in. They were so horrendous that I got permission to paint the room (and money was even taken off the rent in reimbursement because it was so bad). It turned out much better after

That really is the only room we have worked on at all because we didn't know if we'd be moving again in a few months or not. We'd been talking about buying the townhome for a while now and we finally took the plunge. Now there's talks of home reno projects all the time. We decided to start with the bathroom for a few reasons: 1) It's a relatively small space and shouldn't be too hard to tackle 2) New hardware solves a lot of the problems with the dated look 3) We don't have to take up extra space downstairs working on this room while Nic is packing stuff up to move out. 

Oh, did I mention? Our last roommate is moving out this weekend and I might be more excited about that than just owning the house. Lame? Maybe. But I'm just ready to tackle this space and make it feel like my home in a way that no place has felt since Harrisonburg. 

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