Christmas Happenings

27 December 2014

Like everyone else in blogland it's been so busy that it's hard to keep up with posting. In fact, since I can't possibly summarize it all in enough detail I'll go through a succinct list and if there's time over the next few days I'll go back and elaborate on the happenings around these parts.

Our holiday happenings:
  1. Monday - Margaritas with our family and friends
  2. Tuesday - Party at the Whitacres (in love with them and their farm home)
  3. Wednesday - Christmas Eve at my grandpa's house, midnight service
  4. Thursday - Bouncing from our house, to Bob's, to Nanan's.
  5. Friday - Mitsi for dinner, Nic and Zac to play games, The Interview (on youtube)
  6. Saturday - Returns, phone, lake house
  7. Sunday - Church, Annapolis, cousins
This is a really brief and quick summary and I hope to update with more soon. It has been SO BUSY here and I'm aching to get some things accomplished around the house. I'll try to do some inspiration posts soon too. Merry Christmas! 

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