12 December 2014

This week has been such an emotional and stressful roller coaster. My dreams have even been weird. I've noticed that as time goes on, and I get older, I remember my dreams less and less. Yet, this week I've had dreams almost every night. And what's crazy is my notes have been in my dreams. 

Honestly, who wants to dream about parathyroidism? Really? Come on brain, get with it! All week it's been actual images of my notes in my head and words like "gland" and "case-based" were just floating around in there.

Last night though, I had a dream that I had pigs. Like, I lived on a farm and came home from work and went out to feed the pigs and give them new hay for bedding. I was quite disappointed when I woke up. Maybe one day I'll have a farm and I'll be able to ride a horse and feed the chickens. 

I like that idea. After all, my happiest childhood memories are of the farm my grandparents had in Illinois. I'll have to go ask my dad for pictures from our annual trips out west. They were wonderful days. It'd be good to go over those trips again. 

Well, perhaps the best part of dreaming about pigs is that I am no longer dreaming about class. And that is something to celebrate.

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