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29 December 2014

{Photo via DIY at Casa de Lewis}

Dining Built In - My FIL has a sunroom where the family eats and they have a built in bench nestled in the corner under the windows. I fell in love with this piece when I met my in-laws and now that Noah and I own our home we can change whatever we want. Consequently, I have a big "honeydo" list... but lets be honest, it's mostly for me. While the built in will surely have to wait for summer, it's definitely something I want to accomplish in 2015. Casa de Lewis blog did the above built in and I am following their lead for my summer project. 

Painting. Just this morning I picked up color swatches and paint samples and I'm pleasantly surprised by how happy this makes me. Everyone who walks in to our house says the paint is fine but it drives me CRAZY. My pet peeve is that the previous tenants (or maybe a prior owner?) painted the whole house this one color throughout... Let me find it for you. Oh, here it is. To top it off, they chose glossy. GLOSSY. I mean, I thought people used that for cabinets? The other bad thing about the color is that it's just too dark for our space. As a townhouse, we only get windows in the front and back of the house and we desperately need to maximize that light and this beige is far too dark. So, while no one else really notices it, painting is the number one priority on my list. Noah thinks I'm a nut job but I can't stand seeing my own reflection in the paint. I'm going for an eggshell yellow, green, and one pink tangerine accent wall.

Cabinets. This is significantly further down my list but I'd still love to do it. Yet again, it's a project that Noah feels may not be worth our time (since our future is up in the air depending on residencies and my future career), but we will be here for at least three and a half more years and if these rooms can improve the way our bedroom has then I think it's well worth it. I'd love to lighten up the kitchen and bathrooms with white cabinets; our lack of windows means the rooms in our house are just too dark for my liking.

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